My T&L in the 21st Century Journey

I’ll start with a confession – I actually found the ‘Inspire’ topic difficult. It took me quite a while to identify some places in our very crowded Emglish curriculum to try some genuine inquiry based learning. One thing I would like to follow up with from this course is how other secondary teachers manage this.

Now, while I found ‘Inquiry’ a bit challenging, I have tried a number of new things. Taking the approach of inquiry into my own professional practice I have created my own professional blog – – if anyone is interested. I have also created blogs (although at this point I am using them to simply share information) for all of my classes. I will be using these much more extensively next year. I’ve also become a convert to Diego (from delicious) and have now run PD for some teachers in my school on this resource. I am using twitter regularly as my PLN and am setting up our school twitter account to be used next year to communicate with parents and our wider school community. I have tried a few new tools in the classroom as well – although I would like to have done more with this.


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