Success and Failure with Office 365

Well, even though the Teaching and Learning course is over, I have continued to utilise 365 with my students – with a variety of successes and failures.


  • easier sharing of files than when we first began – it seems that files are consistently sharing.
  • better organisation of files – students have created a folder titled with the name and shared with my name  – this means I don’t have 100 odd files in my ‘shared folder’ but several folders with shared work.
  • easy editing of leadership speeches – students wrote them and shared them on 365.  I edited, revised and sent students an e-mail of suggestions and positives through 365.  It was quick and easy to manage – all in one area of my computer.
  • we continue to try to use One Note for our e-portfolios with limited success – but they are beginning to shape up, especially as it has allowed students to reflect on work rather than simply paste it into a scrapbook.
  • for the e-portfolios I created a shared spreadsheet for students to mark off work as they completed it.  It has allowed them to successfully monitor their own progress and finally we had a shared document with more than two students at a time in the document!  The kids thought it was hilarious, and it was a lesson in respect and co-operation on a shared document.


  • I really wanted to use 365 to enhance Inquiry, but the students didn’t log into their Inquiry notebooks and keep up to date.  Only a few of them maintained their blogs.
  • One Note has this horrible glitch in it which means we have to work in the web app.  This limits what we can do eg. I have their leadership speeches to insert but we can only do that on the full version, however every time I open the full version it gets upset and shuts down.  I termporarily solved the problem but then once all the students were working in the full version of One Note the problem just go worse.  So currently we are completing e-Porfolios on 365 but with only limited functions.  I keep searching all the tech forums for advice, but of course 365 is new and so there’s not much out there on it.

And in the future?  I will be moving from Level 5 to Level 1 in 2014 so at first it seemed doubtful that I would use 365.  However, I have made plans for a way it could be used.  Having a common log in for the students and having files already created for them.  I’ve even started to to think about how I could create digital porfolios with Level 1 students.  So if you are interested you may like to stay posted!


One thought on “Success and Failure with Office 365

  1. Thanks for sharing your many successes and few failures with 365 Wendy. As more schools begin to explore 365 to encourage more effective teaching and learning your experience will be important. The fact that many of your students didn’t maintain their inquiry notebooks and blogs as well as you would have liked might reflect their lack of experience using Web 2.0 tools. I suspect that as students begin to encounter more teachers like you the problem will recede.

    I’ve experimented a little with 365 as a subscriber and found it buggy too, but I expect that over time it will become more reliable. Technology can be frustrating sometimes, but perseverance usually wins through!

    We need more teachers like you telling of their experiences integrating technology into their classrooms. I look forward to following your journey in 2014.

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